Customizable Manager Dashboard

Stay on top of important scheduling information with our add-on dashboard.


Get the Manager Dashboard for Compliance & Visibility

Add the optional manager dashboard module to your ScheduleAnywhere subscription to quickly see the information that's most important to you. Whether you manage one schedule or many, this must-have tool will alert you to staffing and compliance issues.

Customize Your Dashboard

You can choose from a library of dashlets to help you stay on top of what's happening in your business. Drag and drop dashlets to personalize your dashboard layout.

Ensure Compliance with Coverage Alerts

Subscribe to critical coverage watches and get automatic alerts if any of those coverage watch calculations are out of range. In addition to getting coverage alerts on your dashboard, you'll also see any coverage watch issues highlighted on schedules by setting an acceptable range for important coverage watches. This makes fixing coverage alerts quick and simple.

Stay On Top of Requests & Messages

Instantly see how many pending requests or manager messages you have to address. Gain instant access to the items that require your attention.

Review Scheduled Hours

Compare last week's scheduled hours to this week and next week. Verify you're properly staffed across your entire organization, or by individual schedule or group of employees.

Avoid Scheduling Employees with Expired Certifications or Skills

See if anyone scheduled has a skill that's already expired or will expire in the coming days. Reduce legal exposure by making sure workers scheduled have current credentials.

See Who's Scheduled At a Glance

View an up-to-date list of employees scheduled to work right now, or at any date and time, without having to go to a schedule. Review future or past schedule information quickly and easily.

Get Alerts for Exceeding Workweek Hours

See who's scheduled above their desired number of hours per workweek, excluding paid time off. Avoid scheduling blatant overtime or overscheduling your staff.

Try the Manager Dashboard Free!

Give every administrator and manager access to the important information they need to do their job more effectively, all while improving visibility and compliance. The manager dashboard is a simple and flexible add-on module for ScheduleAnywhere. To try it free, or if you have questions about pricing, call 325-223-9500 or email us.

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