Ensure Proper Staffing with Coverage Watches

Make sure the right people are scheduled at the right time.


Track Staffing Levels & Coverage

Do you need to maintain and monitor specific staffing levels? Tired of tedious and time-consuming manual counting and calculations? Do you need to instantly see how many people or hours you have scheduled by position, shift, skill, job, department or day part? If so, ScheduleAnywhere's automatic coverage tracking and staffing calculations will give you the information you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Create Custom Coverage Watches

You can create an unlimited number of custom coverage watches for each schedule you manage. Coverage watches can count people or hours and track information about employees scheduled or not scheduled. If you have staffing levels you need to maintain, you can enter your requirements and see if you have too many or too few people scheduled.


View Coverage Details

Many of today's businesses schedule overlapping shifts to increase staff coverage during peak shift times. Now you'll always know if you're covered. View the number of employees you have scheduled by hour, half-hour, 15-minute, 10-minute or 5-minute increments. You can also view the number of people or hours scheduled by any day part (e.g. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.). Use filters to check coverage by shift, position, department or location.

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