Providing high-quality patient care is the number one goal for healthcare facilities. Doing so while meeting tight budgetary restrictions is the number one challenge. Maintaining an annual budget can be overwhelming but is a crucial component of operating an efficient, effective healthcare facility. To help control costs, thousands of healthcare administrators have adopted online healthcare staff scheduling software. Here are seven ways employee scheduling software will save you money in the upcoming fiscal year and beyond.

1. Ensure Proper Coverage
With employee scheduling software, managers can properly allocate resources to ensure nurses are accurately scheduled by shift, position, department, skill, or any combination. Whether your facility staffs by patient acuity, shift requirements, or census counts, simply enter your staffing criteria and you can immediately see whether there are too few or too many nurses scheduled. You can see shortages or overages ahead of time and change shift assignments in advance to ensure proper nurse-to-patient ratios without incurring unnecessary overtime.

2. Fill Open Shifts Fast
Beyond creating the initial schedule, supervisors spend hours each week managing schedule changes. ScheduleAnywhere nurse scheduling software includes an integrated messaging system, which allows managers to message individuals, all employees, or a select group of qualified, available employees to fill open shifts fast. This eliminates time-consuming phone calls and allows supervisors to focus on other core responsibilities and patient care.

3. Enable Anytime, Anywhere Access
Providing nurses, administrators, and staff with anytime, anywhere schedule access ensures every member of your facility can see accurate information in real time. This eliminates costly  scheduling errors and reduces no-shows and missed shifts. Additionally, managers can quickly check staffing levels and approve or deny schedule requests to ensure shifts are adequately covered.

4. Run and Print Reports
Staff scheduling software allows nurse managers to quickly find information and print reports based on their specific requirements. Managers can easily determine who is working where and when, evaluate employee utilization and efficiency, and calculate total hours scheduled. Our solution can even provide an estimate of labor costs for a given work period.

5. Easily and Quickly Create and Copy Schedules
No matter the size of your facility or the type of shift rotation you use, setting up nurse and staff schedules can be time consuming. With employee scheduling software, you can build schedules in minutes, and schedule multiple employees easily. Schedules can even be built and viewed far into the future, saving time and hassles long-term. Nurse managers can copy schedule patterns and rotations, so you don’t spend time and resources entering repeating information or schedules.

6. Share Schedules Across the Organization
Staff scheduling software allows managers to share schedules between departments and locations. This gives the entire organization real-time schedule information to ensure every shift is properly staffed. Additionally, managers and supervisors can see how many total hours are scheduled, which will safeguard against scheduling conflicts and help reduce overtime costs.

7. Save Money Long-Term
When researching scheduling software solutions, administrators should consider the initial investment, as well as monthly and annual costs. ScheduleAnywhere is affordable and offers flexible pricing, which can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements, so your facility pays only for the services it needs.

With tight budgetary restrictions, advocating for new or upgraded equipment or software, such as an online nurse scheduling software, might make some managers uneasy. The good news is that not all employee scheduling software is expensive, and the time and labor savings it provides quickly offsets the cost and pays dividends for years to come.

ScheduleAnywhere is proven, affordable, easy-to-use nurse scheduling software that hundreds of healthcare facilities rely on every day. It saves time and money while improving communication and ensuring proper shift coverage. Before you commit to a subscription, sign an agreement, or send any credit card information, try ScheduleAnywhere FREE for 30 days to see how it will help your healthcare facility save time and money. Learn more about ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software now!

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