Employee Scheduling Software Videos for Managers

Learn how to schedule your employees quickly and efficiently.


These videos show managers the basics of how to schedule employees with ScheduleAnywhere and how to use many of its time-saving tools and features. Depending upon the permissions you have, you can access different information and perform different tasks within ScheduleAnywhere.

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1. Setting Up Schedules

Shows how to create a schedule and customize it to meet your needs. Choose columns to display and select how information should be displayed. (4:25)

Creating a custom online employee schedule with ScheduleAnywhere

2. Setting Up Employees

Learn how to add employees and assign login credentials and permissions so your employees can login to ScheduleAnywhere. See how to assign skills and enter pay rates, desired hours and custom fields. (4:16)

Adding employees to online staff scheduling software

3. Adding Employees to Schedules

Shows how to find and add employees to different schedules and organize them on the work schedule using dividers. (3:03)

Adding employees to online staff schedules

4. Setting Up Shifts, Shift Tags & Explanations

Introduces shifts, shift tags and explanations and how to define them so you can schedule your employees in seconds. (4:49)

Create Custom Shifts and Explanations for Staff Scheduling

5. Assigning Shifts, Shift Tags, Explanations & Notes

Demonstrates how to assign shifts, shift tags, explanations and notes to your employees, as well as edit, copy and rotate schedules. (4:00)

How to Assign Shifts and Explanations to Employee Schedules

6. Setting Up & Assigning Time Off Tags

See how to set up and assign time off tags, which are ideal for tracking paid and unpaid time off. (2:37)

See how to set up and assign time off tags

7. Setting Up Skills, Hours/Wages & Custom Fields

Covers adding skills, certifications, training, desired hours, compensation and custom information to an employee’s profile and how this information can be used when scheduling. (4:38)

Track Employee Skills, Certifications and Wages for Staff Scheduling

8. Setting Up Highlighters

Demonstrates how to create highlighters and apply them to schedules to easily see information important to you. (2:09)

Highlight Important Schedule Information in Staff Schedules

9. Setting Up Filters

Learn how to create and apply filters to schedules so you can drill down to the employees you need to view. (2:14)

Filter Schedule Information to Create Custom Staff Schedules

10. Setting Up Employee Messaging

Highlights the communication capabilities of ScheduleAnywhere and shows how easy it is to communicate with your staff. (1:57)

Send Email and Text Messages to Employees about Staff Schedules

11. Setting Up Coverage Watches

Gives you a comprehensive overview of creating coverage watches so you can make sure you have enough people scheduled. (5:51)

Ensure Proper Staffing with Coverage Watches

12. Setting Up Requirements

Demonstrates how to create requirement rows and enter daily staffing requirement values. (1:52)

Manage Staffing Requirements for Employee Scheduling with Requirement Rows

13. Posting Schedules & Communicating Changes

Learn how to hide schedules from employees until a schedule is posted and available for viewing, plus how to notify employees when a schedule has been posted or changed. (1:42)

Hide Schedules then Post Schedules Online for Employee Viewing

14. Sharing Schedules with Other Managers

See how you can give other managers temporary or permanent access to a schedule. Great for sharing scheduling duties with other people. (1:14)

Sharing Schedules

15. Printing Schedules & Reports

Explore the many different schedule and custom reporting options available within ScheduleAnywhere. (7:58)

Print Custom Work Schedules and Reports Online

16. Setting Account Preferences

Learn how to edit default settings for your ScheduleAnywhere account. (4:51)

Setting Account Preferences


1. Manager Dashboard

Give every administrator and manager access to the important information they need to do their job more effectively, all while improving visibility and compliance. The manager dashboard is a simple and flexible add-on module for ScheduleAnywhere. (2:57)

Manager Dashboard

2. Self Scheduling

More and more businesses see self-scheduling as a way to increase job satisfaction and staff retention. Self-scheduling is an optional, add-on module for ScheduleAnywhere. (3:08)