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Create and manage schedules for multiple employees and easily add & remove officers and staff.


Why Campus Safety Departments Trust Us for Staff Scheduling

Hospitals, universities and schools rely on ScheduleAnywhere's employee scheduling software to ensure their campus safety departments are properly staffed. Campus police chiefs, sergeants, emergency managers and directors of public safety and security have found that ScheduleAnywhere meets the unique challenges of managing their security officers' complex schedules, while providing real-time communication between employees across the entire campus safety department. ScheduleAnywhere is easy to use, easy to implement and includes everything your security department needs.

Why Choose ScheduleAnywhere As Your Staff Scheduling Solution

Lower Unnecessary Overtime Costs

Need to know when a member of your campus safety department is scheduled to work overtime? With ScheduleAnywhere, you can track total hours assigned for your staff across schedules in real time, enabling you to cut overtime and assign shifts to those with greater availability.

Allow Your Employees to Access Schedules Anytime, From Anywhere

Reduce the risk of missed shifts with ScheduleAnywhere. Employees can review posted schedules from their smartphone or tablet from any location. Even better, they can submit requests for shift changes, time off or additional hours and then receive instant notifications when managers respond-all through our mobile app.

Quickly Create or Copy Schedules & Rotations for Campus Personnel

Looking for a faster way to build schedules? You need ScheduleAnywhere! Our software lets you easily and efficiently build schedules for multiple employees as well as copy schedules and rotations.

Skip the Spreadsheet & Paper Schedule System

Save time and ensure campus-wide security coverage with ScheduleAnywhere! Just log in and start building and managing your schedules right away. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Share Real-Time Data with Officers & Administration

Managers with shared employees will always know when and where they are scheduled to work, even in other departments and locations.

Verify Your Personnel's Skills, Certifications, Training & Credentials

With ScheduleAnywhere, you'll know when employee certifications and training are approaching expiration, reducing your risk of legal exposure. Our software will also help you match the right employee to the right shift based on training and skill levels.

ScheduleAnywhere Is Ideal for All Types of Public Safety Departments

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"We’ve been using ScheduleAnywhere for over a decade. Our employees enjoy its convenience and ease of use."
Major Jeff Thielking
Batesville, IN Police Dept.
"The ScheduleAnywhere support team is extremely responsive."
Chief Barry Contee
Calvert County EMS
"It provides a complete view of a 28-day work cycle and tracks total hours scheduled and non-work hours."
Deputy Chief Christopher Rudy
DeRidder, LA Police Dept.
"In terms of ease of use and accessibility, ScheduleAnywhere can't be beat!"
Sgt. Mike Lang
Englewood, OH Police Dept.Hospital
"ScheduleAnywhere has improved our ability to be more efficient and effective in our day-to-day operations."
Sergeant Thomas Lampe
Iowa State Patrol
"ScheduleAnywhere gives everyone access to the schedule no matter where they are."
Britt Burgmeier
Jennings County 911
"The mobile app is helpful for employees when considering to pick up an overtime shift or an inmate transport."
Chief Deputy Phil Grassman
Rusk Co. Sheriff’s Office
"We used to spend nearly six hours developing a schedule. Now we just post it online when we're ready."
Chief James Cordrary
Truman State University
"ScheduleAnywhere is nearly half the cost of other systems and offers all the features we need to schedule."
Chief Rick Lockhart
Warrensburg, MO Police Dept.

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