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Why Rehabilitation Facilities Trust Us for Staff Scheduling

Rehabilitation facilities rely on ScheduleAnywhere to ensure staffing compliance and proper shift coverage by confirming the right healthcare professionals are scheduled at the right time and place. The software makes calculations based on your facility's specific requirements to ensure staff skill levels align with resident acuities, while controlling unnecessary overtime. ScheduleAnywhere allows visibility of multiple schedules across your entire organization to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts or double booking of an employee who works in multiple departments or locations within a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

Why Choose ScheduleAnywhere As Your Healthcare Staff Scheduling Solution

Quickly Fill Open Shifts

Stay connected with your team 24/7! Instantly send a text message or email to all employees-or only those who are available-about open shifts and additional hours.

Share Scheduling Information Across Your Entire Healthcare Organization

Managers with shared healthcare facility personnel will always know when and where those employees are scheduled to work, even in other departments and locations.

Quickly Create or Duplicate Schedules & Rotations

Stop wasting valuable time creating your healthcare personnel's schedules from scratch! ScheduleAnywhere lets you easily build schedules for multiple employees at your healthcare facility as well as copy schedules and rotations.

Forget Excel Spreadsheets & Paper Schedules

Skip the old-fashioned paper or spreadsheet approach to employee scheduling. ScheduleAnywhere is intuitive, easy-to-use software, so you can quickly build and manage your staff's schedule in no time!

Decrease Costly Overtime Expenses

ScheduleAnywhere can track total hours scheduled in real time and monitor scheduled hours for your facility staff members across schedules. Always know when a team member is scheduled to work overtime. With our software, you can avoid costly overtime by assigning shifts to those with greater availability.

Instantly Notify Staff About Schedule Changes & Other Important Information

ScheduleAnywhere provides healthcare facilities with a direct communication channel between managers and employees. Send scheduling information and other important messages to your entire healthcare staff through our powerful communication tools.

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"ScheduleAnywhere has given our staffing office the tools they need to improve efficiency and satisfaction among our staff!"
Lisa Bridges
Arkansas State Hospital
"In ScheduleAnywhere, I can pick any one schedule and know what department the employees are in."
Ginny Carpenter
Bethany Retirement Living
"ScheduleAnywhere has cut the time I spend on scheduling by 8 to 10 hours per week."
Joe Bloyder
Billings Clinic
"Before ScheduleAnywhere, managers manually made changes to three different paper schedules and employees had to be in the building to view any updates."
Rhonda Briney
Culbertson Memorial Hospital
"I examined several scheduling programs and found ScheduleAnywhere to be an ideal, cost-effective system that would work for our unique scheduling demands."
Beth Hartz
Firelands Regional Medical Center
"ScheduleAnywhere's ease of use, reporting capabilities and competitive pricing made choosing it easy."
Charles Tew
Flowers Hospital
"With multiple schedules and facilities, the staffing office is able to access all schedules and determine our staffing needs."
Heather Clemons
Kaiser Santa Rosa
"ScheduleAnywhere has absolutely streamlined the scheduling process. In addition to saving time, it tracks requests and helps cover shifts."
Elissa Whitehead
Sterling Village Healthcare
"The accuracy, time savings, user-friendliness and effectiveness of ScheduleAnywhere help frontline managers plan available staff and workload."
Jan Phillips
UC San Diego Health System

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