Library Staff Scheduling Software

Library directors often have multiple staff schedules to manage. ScheduleAnywhere ensures interns, volunteers, full-time and part-time library employees are properly scheduled.


Simplify Your Library's Employee Scheduling Process

Libraries of all sizes rely on ScheduleAnywhere to ensure employees are properly scheduled by service point, shift, position and location. Whether you manage scheduling for a school library or a public library system with multiple branches, ScheduleAnywhere gives you the tools to effectively manage schedules and communicate with staff. Schedules can be shared across the entire organization, so managers always know which employees are scheduled and where they are assigned to work. Library managers and directors can track employee skills, qualifications and training to ensure each shift is covered with authorized personnel, and view total hours scheduled across the entire library system to control staffing levels and avoid unnecessary overtime.

  • Ensure all service points are properly covered
  • Reduce overtime by up to 90%
  • Share schedules across the entire organization
  • Email or text individuals or qualified groups of employees
  • Access real-time schedules anytime, anywhere
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and double booking

"ScheduleAnywhere has been a leader in the library industry since their company entered the market. It isn't a surprise that they continue to score so well."
- Jenny Newman, Modern Library Awards program manager

2022 Modern Library Awards Gold Winner

Simplify your scheduling process with one of the top products serving the library industry. The Modern Library Award (MLA) winners are selected based on scores provided by actual users. Products are scored on factors such as quality, functionality, value and customer service. The MLA program recognizes elite products and services that can help library managers increase the performance of their library systems.


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Reduce the time you spend on scheduling by up to 75%.