Employee Scheduling Software Videos for Staff

Learn how employees access schedule information and interact with ScheduleAnywhere.


These videos show employees how to view schedules, how to request time off, how to make a schedule request, how to make a cover request, how to swap shifts, and how to update their employee profile. Depending upon permissions, employees can access different information and perform different tasks within ScheduleAnywhere.

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1. How to View Your Schedule

Now you can access your work schedule online from anywhere, anytime! Watch how easy it is to view your personal schedule and staff schedules. (2:13)

View Employees Work Schedules Online

2. How to Request Time Off

Need some time off? Submit a time-off request to your manager and find out if your request has been approved. (1:33)

Submit Time Off Requests Online

3. How to Make a Schedule Request

If you want to pick up an open shift, request overtime, or submit any other request, ScheduleAnywhere makes it easy. (1:19)

Submit Schedule Requests to Managers

4. How to Submit a Cover Request

Need someone to work for you? Send another employee a cover request asking them to work a particular day for you and submit for manager approval. (1:36)

How to Submit a Cover Request

5. How to Swap Shifts

Want to swap shifts with someone? Ask another employee to switch work days and then ask your manager to approve the swap. (1:50)

How to Swap Shifts

6. How to Update Your Employee Profile

See how to update your contact information, maintain messaging preferences and change your password. (1:53)

Update Your Employee Profile Online